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Arban Dance Rajasthan

To know the true and colorful spirit of Rajasthan, the essence of Dance and Music of Rajasthan is very necessary to know. Its dance and music forms are truly appealing and enthralling as these performing arts have been fostered and maintained over the centuries.
The folk dance and music of Rajasthan is very famous amongst the tribal people living in Rajasthan. Native people, performing dance and music, add a new sparkle to this rich state.
Rajasthani music and dance was the integral part of the life of the kings. In the royal court in the praise of Rajput rulers songs were sung. Today, this style of music and dances are performed to entertain tourists who come from far flung places to explore the beauty of this state.
Even today the narrative songs of Moomal Mahendra, Dhola - Maru and other legendary lovers and heroes are sung. Voices of the singers are well supported by the Rajasthani musical instruments which are very simple but yet unique in themselves. Some of the most commonly used instruments of Rajasthan are Morchang, Naad, Sarangi, Kamayacha, Rawanhattha, Algoza, Khartal, Poongi, Bankia, and Daf.
There is one tribal group called Garasia residing at the Abu Road and Pindwara Tehsils of Sirohi district and the neighboring territories of Kotra, Gogunda and Kherwara Tehsils of Udaipur district, Bali and Desuri of Pali district. They are bets known for performing folk dance with folktales, proverbs riddles, and folk music. Of the various styles of dance performances of Garasia, the one which really has captured the attention of the tourists is Walar. Walar is quite similar to the famous Ghoomar dance.
The specialty of the Ghoomar dance is that it is a community dance performed on any auspicious occasion. This dance is basically about gentle movements carried out by women in circles.
Another tribal group called the Bhil performs Gair Ghoomar in Holi festival. In this dance both men and women are found dancing together. On the contrary, Gair is another form of dance performed during Holi festival by men only.
In Rajasthan other prevalent form of dance is Fire Dance. In this dance a large ground is prepared with wood and charcoal and as the music rises in tempo the dancers start performing in a trance like state.