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Art & Crafts Rajasthan

Rajasthan, the beautiful and vibrant state in India, is very rich in colors. No matter whether it is history, culture or tradition; Rajasthan has always been the place where various colors have ruled the scene. And this fact can very much be acknowledged by having a look at the various handicrafts and textiles of Rajasthan.
The true art of Rajasthan can be witnessed in its various types of handicrafts which include wooden artifacts, metal crafts, blue pottery, leather ware, stone carving and paintings.
Wooden artifacts basically comprises of furniture. Chairs with painted backs, camel-hide stools, marble-top tables and carved cabinets are some of the best examples of handicrafts of Rajasthan. Besides, in this category chests snuff boxes, painted horses, elephants and parrots also fall.
Enameled silver, Brass enamel, and wrought iron are used for metal crafts. Using these metals various pill-boxes, figurines, table tops, caparisoned elephants, swords, and shield are given shape and design.
Blue pottery was introduced in Rajasthan under the patronage of Maharaja Ram singhji. In this art various color schemes such as blue (oxide of cobalt); Green (oxide of copper) and the external white are used. Basically, you will find conventional floral or arabesque, hand made patterns and the animal figure patterns on the objects. Some of the very common articles created out of this art are ashtray, tiles, flower pots, lamp shades, and jars.
Rajasthan is also famous for exclusive leather ware. Jooties (foot-wear), chairs, musical instruments, and mojaries are made of the hides of dead animals. Cities like Jaipur, Jodhpur, Barmer, Jaisalmer is famed for Jooties, musical instruments including Tabla, Dhol, and Dhapli, and stringed instruments (Kamayacha) made out of leather. Bikaner is well known for painted Lampshades, shields, vases, Mojharies made out of camel hide.
Rajasthan is also famous for stone carvings or inlay works. Various statuaries, idols, figurines, panels, elaborate jharokhas for gardens and pavilions boast of beautiful stone carvings.
You can also relish another excellent form of handicraft in Rajasthan which basically involves paintings. You can see beautiful wall painting on palaces, huts and other structures.
Besides, Rajasthan is also popular for its beautiful textile designing. Hand-block prints, Tie and dye, Bandhej, lehriya, Block Printing, and Zari are some of the most celebrated styles used in textile designing. To see examples of these styles Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Jaipur, and Bikaner, are best to visit.
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