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Rajasthani Cuisine

One can rarely see so rich a cuisine anywhere in the world that Rajasthan has. Each region in India has its own traditional dishes and specialities. But the cuisine of Rajasthan is a bit unique. Due to desert condition and scarcity of water & fresh green vegetables, Rajasthanis preferred food that could last for several days aRajasthani Dal-Bati-Churma, Rajasthan Foodnd could be eaten without the need of heating. In the desert belt of Jaisalmer, Barmer and Bikaner, cooks use the minimum of water to prepare food.The ancient princely state of Rajasthan gave rise to a royal cuisine. The Rajasthan who went on hunting expeditions ate the meat or the fowl that they brought back. Even today,

Some Important Rajasthani Dishes:-

Mughal inspired Dishes
Chapatti Making
Frying Puris
Khud khargosh
Ker-Sangri on Bajara Roti
Rajasthani Dal-Bati-Churma
Khud khargosh
Sula - Tender Morsels of Meat
Dal Bati Churma
Besan Ki Chakki