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Culture of Rajasthan

The culture of Rajasthan is a wide gamut of splendid hues ranging from earliest Indus Valley urbanites to pastoral Aryan herdsmen, Bhil forest dwellers, Jain merchant princes, Jat and Gujjar cultivators, Muslim craftsmen, and the Rajput warrior aristocracy. All shaped this region called the land of kings. Vibrant costumes, festivals and customs represent Rajasthan state in India. People travel to Rajasthan to appreciate its splendors and absorb its enviable heritage. Discover it all in the fairs and festivals, folk music, Rajasthani cuisine and crafts of Rajasthan.
The music and dances of Rajasthan are heady, exciting, mesmerizing and compelling and very much a part of the eternal appeal of this strange and wondrous land.
'The land of Princes', as Rajasthan is called boasts of many a excellent kitchen - both within the palaces and outside. The smoked Rajasthani kebab - sule - is bare-be-cued and shikari meat is relished all over the state. At the other end is Maheshwari Cuisine or the vegetarian cuisine of the Maheshwars of the Marwar or the Jodhpur area which is equally majestic and royal.
Traditional Culture of Rajasthan is a rich world of lac, glass and ivory bangles, sandalwood and wood sculptures, meenakari work, Rajput paintings, folk dances such as the Chari, Gair, Ghoomar, Teerah Tali and Kathputhli dances.
The people of the desert celebrate fairs and festivals all year round with gusto and fervor. Be it a religious occasion or an animal fair the people of Rajasthan, India believe in enjoying life to the fullest and this is reflected in the extensive diversity of Rajasthan art forms.
The arts and crafts, music and dance, cuisine and people all are examples of the cultural rainbow of Rajasthan. The women from Rajasthan in vibrantly colored clothes, wearing tons of jewelry and the huge turbans adorned by the men are examples of the cultural diversity of Rajasthan.