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Entertainment in Rajasthan

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Synonymous with Rajasthan, puppetry holds a significant part in the entertainment of the state. This traditional entertainment of Rajasthan is an important art form. Mainly, folk tales, epics as well as social messages are spread through puppetry.


Rajasthani folk music has a long history. It is very soothing and earthy. Traditionally rulers had bards in their courts that sang tales of the heroic deeds of kings. Though the tradition is long dead nevertheless these ballads called "Rasos" can be heard even today. The legend of King Prithviraj Chauhan and his bard Chand Bardai who composed the Prithviraj Raso, a ballad, which details the brave deeds of Prithviiraj though exaggerated at times, is well known.

Desert Festival

Fairs and festivals is an important part of the lives of the Rajasthani people. One of the most famous festivals held in the month of February in Jaisalmer is the Desert Festival. Numerous cultural events, competitions, musical performances are held during this principal festival of Rajasthan.

Elephant Festival

Held during the time of Holi, Elephant Festival is one of the major tourist attractions of Rajasthan. The elephants are decorated with vibrant colors and carry tourists on backs. Elephant polo and elephant races are a part of this festival.