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Group Trips

Group Trips

Group travel is a great way to experience exciting destinations with friends, family or organisation groups. Tell us what you have in mind, and we will make it happen, travelling as a group can provide memories for lifetime of an amazing shared adventure. Below are just some examples of the best group trips we do.

Group Holidays

Are planning a friends and family group trip? Travel Groups can help with organising the whole holiday, so whether it is a safari adventure in rajasthan, a historical trip to ancient civilisations or city sightseeing break to the big lights of Rajasthan, we can make sure every aspect of your group trip is arranged.

Social Holidays

Take on classic Rajasthan hotspots with nightlives to match their cultural sights, like jaipur. Or if you want alluring sun and golden beaches mixed with great nightlife, head to destinations such as jodhpur .

Special Occasions

Experience special occasions with your friends and family on holiday by booking with jetways Travel Groups. If you are planning a wedding abroad, a stag or hen trip or even if its just a group of your mates wanting to have a great holiday together, we can help organise and a book the trip you require.

Group Events

We know how important it is to plan and organise a group trip to an event, so we offer group experts to help organise conferences for business or religous groups, social events and charity challenges. Our team will help you get to the destinations for these events and ensure your group trip runs smoothly.