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Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary

Other than palaces, monuments and desert there is another thing that makes Rajasthan a famous tourist place. It is of course the wildlife of Rajasthan. Though the environment of Rajasthan is not very much agreeable for greenery but still it is a shelter for many flora and fauna. Rajasthan wildlife sanctuaries are the homes for various endangered wild animals and birds. There are number of wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan. Among them Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary is one.
This wildlife sanctuary is located at the hilly region and it has dense forest. Darraha wildlife sanctuary is thronged various kinds of wild animals. These are wolf, sloth bear, chinkara and leopard. There are also spotted deers, Wild boars, Bears, Sambhars, Panthers and Antelopes. Permission is required for the tourists to enter the Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary. For this you can go to the forest ranger or you can the permission from district forest office of Kota. The entry fee for the foreign tourists is 100 per head and for local tourists it is 20 per head. Green deciduous forest of Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary is really enchanting. So do not miss the opportunity to visit the place.

How to Reach Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary:

Situated 50 km away from Kota district of Rajasthan Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary is a famous tourist place. It acquires 266 sq. km area of land. Formerly it was the hunting area of the kings of Kota. Darrah sanctuary was founded in 1955.