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Elephant Festival in Jaipur

Elephant Festival Jaipur

Elephant Festival Jaipur is true depiction of culture and traditions of Rajasthan. This is an annual festival where you will find aprocession of elephants decorated in gold and fineries. Here in the Elephant Festival in Jaipur , the elephants also play polo and be apart of the colorful festival Holi. Indeed a scene to watch .

In the Jataka stories of Buddhism you will find reference to the tradition of Hastimangala (the Elephant Festival). Elephants were considered a royal mount for ages and they spell strength and wealth. The Rajput kings accorded the special significance to these animals not onbly during wars but also to diplay their power and opulence during festivals etc.
Various Activities in the Elephant Festival Jaipur:

  1. Firstly there is a magnificent procession of the majestic elephants decorated with gold ornaments and velvets and beautifully colored.
  2. The guests are greeted and offered garlands by the elephants .
  3. Then there is ramp where the best elephant wins the Best Decorated Elephant' Shield.
  4. Then there is the game of polo , its really amusing game where you find the elephants chasing the ball in great speed.
  5. There is Tug-Of-War between the largest elephant and ten people.
  6. Gaj Shringar is an exhibition where you will find display of elephant-ornaments, textiles (Jhoo) parapernalic howdahs and carriages, paintings medicines and food.
  7. Program of Dhaph and Gair dance to diplay the vibrancy and lively mood of Holi.
  8. The finale has the dazzling display of fireworks.