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Kite Festival in Jaipur

Kite Festival Jaipur, is organized every year during the time of Makar Sankranti – which augments the transition of the sun into theNorthern hemisphere on 14th January.
The Kite Festival in Jaipur includes three days full of festivities and fun when kites virtually paint the sky in myriad hues. Everyone joins in this celebration healthy competition where snatching the rivals' kite is the prime motive.The shouts of "Woh Kata "echoes from rooftops to the accompaniment of drums as the competitors kites are cut down.
This Desert Kite Festival is an occasion when the kite makers flaunt kites sized as huge as 1.5km .There is a vivid display of kites of various shapes and designs.
The Kite Festival in Jaipur is not only of flying kites of different shape and sizes but the kites also carry messages, or put across some social issues, while some may be caricatures of politicians.

Activities in the Kite Festival,Jaipur :

  1. The festival starts with the inauguration ceremony at the Polo Ground.
  2. Then the Air Force Helicopters release hordes of kites in the air of various kinds shaped like birds,stained glass windows, wasps etc.
  3. There are two variations of the Kite festival in Jaipur ; the Fighter Kite Competition and the other is the more sedate Display Flying. Both the competitions involve prestigious trophies to be won. Participants feast on sumptuous dinner every evening at an exotic location.
  4. The finale sees the venue shifted to Umaid Bhawan Palace where the winners of both competitions are decided and prizes are distributed.
  5. Farewell ceremony followed by dinner with the Maharaja takes place.

The kite festival has gained much popularity and now even tourists can take part in various kite flying competitions.
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