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Pushkar Fair Rajasthan

Pushkar Fair in Rajasthan

Pushkar, the sleepy, little town of eastern Rajasthan, situated on the edge of the beautiful lake is touched comes alive every November, on the eve of the Pushkar Fair. The riot of color and the flurry of activities, otherwise unusual to the town, become the characteristic typifying the Pushkar Fair.
The liveliness and the large scale participation of people that characterize the Pushkar Fair is unmatched by any other fair. Pushkar Fair is not only about being the world's largest camel fair. There is more to it than that. Pushkar Fair is organized and celebrated at Pushkar and its precincts to commemorate its sanctity and fabulous richness. The fair extends to twelve days in the month of Kartika of the Vikram Year or the sometime between the months of October and November according to the Gregorian calendar.
At the Pushkar Fair, business and merriment go hand in hand. The camel races are the most eagerly awaited event where the camels dressed in finery competes with each other. The camels are then made to participate in a musical chair of sorts. Merriment apart, the Pushkar Fair is a great place to indulge in shopping and recreation as well.
From gaudy turbans, pleated ghagaras and woolen blankets to beaded necklaces, textiles, brassware and an assortment of other household items, the Pushkar Fair assumes the proportion of a massive affair.
The Pushkar Fair is a breather for the villagers from far and afar who want to grab a share of their fun and take a break from their otherwise harsh life in the arid desert. Some converge to this place with different intentions in mind. The Hindu pilgrims flock to this place during the fair to take a dip into the holy Pushkar Lake to wash away their sins. This act is usually followed by an act of obeisance at the Brahma temple which is the sole temple dedicated to Lord Brahma in the entire world.

How to Reach Pushkar:

Pushkar fair is located only 11 kms from Ajmer in Rajasthan