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Giant Step well in Abhaneri

Abhaneri Tour Guide

Abhaneri is a pretty village about 95 kms from Jaipur on the Jaipur-Agra Road. It is well known for its Harshat Mata Temple. According to a myth, the village is so called because the Goddess Harshat Mata who is shown portrayed in a blissful mood is believed to spread brightness or "abha" all around. The village's novel name was Abha Nagri, and its name today is Abhaneri. It is said that the celebrated king Raja Chand established the village. The ruins of the temple also speak of the 10th century architectural and sculptural styles. There is a massive tank named "Chand Baori", opposite to the temple equipped on all four sides with bastions for defense. Even though Abhaneri is now in ruins, the place has a discrete reminiscence about itself. The Harshat Mata temple dates back to the tenth century AD and is placed under the guard of the Archeological Department of the Government of India. Daily worship is offered to the deity in the temple

How to Reach Abhaneri:

Abhaneri is essentially is a prehistoric village in Rajasthan, well-known for its post-Gupta or early medieval monuments. This village has contributed several pieces of sculpture to various museums internationally. Abhaneri is located on the Ahmedabad Delhi railway line, near Bandikui in Jaipur district.

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