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Barmer Tour Guide

Barmer is a vibrant small town in Rajasthan where you will get to see the art and culture of Rajasthan and get the feel of its warmth and tradition. Barmer Tours Guide are indeed a journey through the real Rajasthan along with its warmth and traditional heritage.

Barmer has a harsh climate with a rugged and barren topography but that has not hampered at all the vibrancy and the land is filled with rich crafts, dances and music. Earlier it was on the camel trade route, while Barmer now is the centre for wood carving, pottery, carpets, intricate embroidery work, block printed fabrics and multi- hued traditional costumes.

Barmer Tours Guide provide you the opportunity to get the feel of rural Rajasthan with the small villages,mud walled houses beautifully decorated with folk motifs and brightly dressed people is indeed a sight to behold. Barmer is especially famous for Ajrak prints in dark hues of red and blue , and also the desert town immerses in festivities during the Barmer festival in March

Places to Visit in Barmer:

JasolAn ancient village which has a Hindi temple and a Jain Temple.The Hindu temple has fine sculptures which were brought from a Jain Temple of Lord Mahavir.

Juna BarmerNestled on a rocky hillock here you will find ruins of an old fort ,find here a temple dedicated to Balark (the Sun) . Also here you will find three Jain temples, an inscription of 1295 AD and a huge pillar in the hall of the largest temple of Maharaja Kula Sri Samanta Sinha Deva.

KhedHere you will find an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu ,Ranchhriji Temple where there is an image of Garuda at the entrance. Here other temples are Brahma, Bhairav, Mahadev and Jain temples.

KiraduFind here ruins of ancient temples-one dedicated to Lord Vishnu and other four dedicated to Lord Shiva.The Someshwar Temple is the biggest.

Mahaveer ParkHere find a small museum exhibiting ancient stone carved statues here in the landscaped park here.

Mallinath fairHuge cattle fairs held annually near Tilwara which last for a fortnight. You will find here popular breeds of cows, camels, sheep, goats and horses attract people not only from Rajasthan but also Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.

Meva NagarThere are three Jain Temples here , the biggest on eis dedicated to Nakoda Parsvanath.

NeemariA picturesque garden on Chohatan route, 23 km away from Barmer. Here an old swimming pool is a major attraction. Barmer can be called a treasure trove of vibrantly colored embroidered fabrics with intricate mirror work. Shop here for traditional rugs, blankets, shawls, carpets, 'Pattius' Dari in typical Barmer coolers and weave.

How To Reach Barmer:

By AirThe nearest airport is Jodhpur, which is about 240 kms from Barmer.

By RailBarmer is well linked with the major cities of India.

By RoadBarmer is well connected with roadways and there are regular bus service. The Rajasthan State Transport buses ply from here to other cities in North West India. Delhi is 949 kms, Jaipur is 316 kms, Jodhpur is 240 kms, and Jaisalmer is 330 kms from Barmer

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