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Bundi Tour Guide

Bundi is a small town. It is situated in the southern part of the Rajasthan. Being a part of Rajasthan, Bundi is also famous for its rich history and culture. Its historical journey can be traced back to 1193 AD. During this era, Sultan Mohammed Ghauri defeated Prithviraj Chauhan. As a consequence of which Chauhan nobles were compelled to seek protection in the neighboring state of Mewar. Some entered the alliance with king of Mewar and some moved further and defeated the ruling tribals and formed the two states of Bundi and Kota on either side of the Chambal River. However, coming back to the present state, it can be said that on a Bundi Tours Guide you will get to see numerous palaces, elaborately designed step wells and water tanks. You can also visit the colorful bazaars.

Places to Visit in Bundi:

On a tour to Bundi you must not forget to check out Taragarh Fort, Nawal Sagar, and Sukh Mahal.

Taragarh Fortit was constructed in 1354. Located within the horse-shoe shaped fold of the hills, and with the lakes and water reservoirs below, the fort spans the top and features unbeatable battlements. The reservoir inside the fort was cut out of solid rock.

Nawal Sagarit is a very beautiful and pristine lake in Bundi. Many tourists come to this lake to bask in the unblemished beauty of this lake and to also visit the half submerged temple consecrated to Varuna (the Aryan god of water).

Sukh Mahalthis elegant palace is located on the Sukh Sagar Lake. Sukh Mahal is also popular as summer palace. You can truly relish the beauty of the gardens in its vicinity. You will also see an underground tunnel which connects it to the old palace in the city of Bundi. Besides, on a Bundi tour you can also explore the elegance of Ranji ki Baori and Chattar Mahal.

How To Reach Bundi

It is very easy to reach this small yet picturesque town in Rajasthan.

By Airthe easiest way to reach Bundi by air is to land at Jaipur airport which is 206 km away.

By RailBundi has a small railway station. It is situated at the southern end of this town. It is very nicely connected to Agra and Kota by trains.

By RoadIt is very easy to commute in Bundi as various modes of transport are available. You can catch a taxi, auto rickshaw and even bicycle.

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