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Deshnok Tour Guide

On a tour to Rajasthan, you will get to explore various color of this beautiful and largest state in India. It has many places which are actually worth visiting for the charm and the beauty they carry is absolutely incomparable. There are numerous small and big villages in Rajasthan. In big villages you can really imagine to explore something new. But on the other side in small villages also you can get to see the old charm and new developments. One such small village in Rajasthan is Deshnok. So lets embark on Deshnok Tours Guide. 32 km south from Bikaner city along the Jodhpur Road, Deshnok village is located. It is a very small village. It is basically a very popular pilgrim center of Karni Mata. Thousands of tourists come to this place every year to offer their prayers.

Places to Visit in Deshnok:

In this idyllic small village you must not forget to visit Karni Mata temple. The Karni Mata temple is 30 kilometers away from city of Bikaner. It is consecrated to goddess Durga. It is believed that Karni Mata is an incarnation of Ma Durga.
In this temple you can see innumerable brown rats scampering around the complex of the temple without any fear. It is held that these rats are the repositories of the souls of dead charans.
In this temple, people offer various food and drinks such as grains, sweets and milk to the rats in the time of aarti. It is also held that if a person sights a white mouse or say kaba (in local language white mouse is so called) in the temple premises, he or she will receive good fortune in the near future.
In the temple complex you will see is bronze wire lattice which acts as a protection to these auspicious rats, silver and gold domes, golden manadap and panels, carvings on the main gate.

How To Reach Deshnok:

Deshnok is easily accessible from Bikaner. The nearest airport, railhead as well as road network to Deshnok is that of Bikaner. TouristPlacesRajasthan.com offers interesting information on Rajasthan Tours Guide. To know every bit about this Rajput state in India and its colorful aspects keep browsing through links and embark on Deshnok Tours Guide.