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Kumbhalgarh Fort in Rajasamand

Kumbhalgarh Tour Guide

Kumbhalgarh is famous the massive fort & the wildlife sanctuary. The Kumbhalgarh sanctuary spreads majestically over 578 sq. kms and is located at an altitude ranging from 500 to 1300 meters. The sanctuary is located in close proximity of the Udaipur City.
The Kumbhalgarh sanctuary has a mystifying diversity of wildlife species like leopards, hyena, sloth bear, wolf, jackal, jungle cat, hare, nilgai and the four horned antelope.
Apart from the rich variety of wildlife species, Kumbhalgarh sanctuary is also a haven for bird-watchers with numerous avian species that are residents of the sanctuary. The typically reticent jungle fowls are effortlessly spotted along with white breasted kingfisher, parakeets, golden oriole, varieties of pigeons, bulbul, red owls to name just a few of the avian species that can be spotted in this sanctuary.
Peacocks and Doves can be sighted frequently feeding on grains scattered by the jungle guards.
A typical safari route enters the sanctuary from the Kumbhalgarh Fort and cutting across the sanctuary it reaches Ghanerao, and then borders an old deserted road. On this road, one can sight Chinkaras, Neelgais, four horned Antelope and many birds.
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Places to Visit in Kumbhalgarh

Kumbhalgarh Fort : This most-remarkable of forts stretches across 36 kms of the Aravali Mountains and is 1100 m high from the sea level. It was never conquered, for reasons which become apparent the instant you set eyes on it. The fort is just 60 kms away from Udaipur. The massive perimeter wall is an astounding 36 kms. Surrounded by thirteen mountain peaks, guarded by seven great gates and seven ramparts, strengthened by rounded bastions and immense watchtowers, this mountain fortress has witnessed many battles. The winding road leads through deep ravines and thick forests to Arait Pol with its watch-tower, Hulla Pol, Hanuman Pol, Ram Pol, Bhairava Pol, Paghra Pol, Top-khana Pol and Nimboo Pol. On top of the fort is the Badal Mahal Palace, It encloses beautiful rooms with pleasant colour schemes of green, turquoise and white, which provides a fascinating contrast to the raw, earthy and grim fortress. The palace was rebuilt by Rana Fateh Singh in the late 19th century. The legendary Maharana Pratap was born here. Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary :: Sited in the flourishing green zone of Udaipur, Kumbalgarh is the only sanctuary of Rajasthan, where activities of the rarely found wolf can be seen. This is one of the few parks that allows people on horseback. The best time to visit the reserve is from October to June.

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How To Reach Kumbhalgarh:

By AirNearest airport is Dabok Airport, Udaipur i.e. only 85 Kms.

By RoadThere are so many frequent regular & deluxe buses from Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh.