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Mandawa Palace in Rajasthan

Mandawa Tour Guide

Mandawa is famous for its beautiful architecture and paintings on the walls of the houses. And here the archway decorated with paintings depicting the folklores of Lord Krishna and his cowherds welcomes you.. Hotels in Mandawa maintains the legacy of rich heritage of Rajasthan and you will feel as if you are transported to a different world altogether . The hotels in Mandawa are well equipped with all the modern amenities which makes your stay here truly memorable Many of the hotels in Mandawa are heritage hotels like the Castle Mandawa which preserves the regal elegance and grandeur of the days of yore . The hotels in Mandawa present a harmony between the old world mystical charm along contemporary world.

You will find the hotels in Mandawa having marvelous architecture with turreted towers, arched balconies , period furniture magnificent chandeliers all conjuring up an image of the bygone era. Staying here at the Mandawa hotels is an experience in itself ,either you spend your time in the elegantly decorated rooms or laze around in the huge balconies, courtyards. . What is most heartening aspect of the hotels in Mandawa is that they don't put a hole in your pocket ,And you not only enjoy staying here but also enjoy the delectable cuisines which may be a local fare or delicacies from other parts of India as well as international one.One thing is sure you will get lip smacking fare here. Get close with the tradition here at Mandawa when you stay at Desert Resort , a hotel which has been done up in a rustic style with mud plastered building decorated with mandana or lime paste. Come and enjoy a comfortable stay amidst luxury and elegance in the hotels in Mandawa. Tourist Places Rajasthan provides more information, click on the links