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Mount Abu in Rajasthan

Mount Abu Tour Guide

Your Mount Abu Tours Guide will take you to the sole hill station in Rajasthan that is huddled among the rocks on a granite table mountain to the south west of the Aravalli hills. If any amount of credence can be attached to the popular legends then Mount Abu owes its name to the serpent Arbuda that is believed to have come down to the spot to save Lord Shiva's bull Nandi. There are a number of places of considerable tourist importance that you can pay a visit to on your Mount Abu Tours Guide. The Summer Festival organized during the month of June is one of the major highlights of Mount Abu. There is a general atmosphere of gaiety that pervades the place with the folk dance performances adding to the attraction. The tourists have ample time to relax and enjoy in this tiny hill resort that brims with life during this time.

Places to Visit in Mount Abu:

Dilwara Temples Besides being a popular hill station, Mount Abu is also regarded as an important pilgrimage site with the Dilwara Jai Temples, ashrams of saints and some Hindu temples within its boundaries. The Dilwara Temples exhibit the skill and expertise of the sculptors too good with their chisels. The temple date back to the 11th and the 13th century A.D and are dedicated to the Jain Tirthankaras. Among these temples, the Vimal Vasahi Temple is the oldest one.

ShillongTouted as the "Scotland of the East" Shillong is situated at an altitude of 1,496 meter above the sea level. This place is indeed worth a visit on your Mount Abu Tours Guide.

Govt. MuseumThe Museum set up in 1962 is housed within the premises of Raj Bhawan. The museum was set up with the intention of preserving the archaeological wealth of the region.

Mandakini KundThe Mandakini Kund serves as a water reserve for the Achalgarh Fort. Both this and the renowned sculpture of Parmar Daravarsh are situated in close proximity to the Achaleswar Mahadev Temple.

Nakki TalavThis is a beautiful artificial lake with sparkling blue waters. The Raghunath Temple dating back to the 14th century is situated close by.

How To Reach Mount Abu:

By AirThe nearest airport to Mouth Abu is in Udaipur. There are a number of transport facilities that would take you from the airport to Mount Abu. There are a number of domestic flights that connect Udaipur to other major cities in India.

By RailThe railway station is at Abu Road and a good number of trains connect Mount Abu to the rest of the country.

By RoadMount Abu is close to the National Highway no. 8 and 14. A good network of roads connects Mount Abu to other major places in the country. The good condition of the road makes it easy for you to access Mount Abu by private cars or taxis. TouristPlacesRajasthan.com is a travel site with a repository of information on Mount Abu Tours Guide and on visiting other exotic places within Rajasthan.