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Pokhran Tour Guide

Pokhran is strategically located in the triangle between Jaisalmer, Jodhpur (172 km southeast) and Bikaner (224 km). It is a meagerly populated area consisting mainly of scrub and sand. This place suddenly caught the international spotlight when the Indian government detonated nuclear devices here on 18th May 1974, ironically code-named 'The Buddha Smiles'. Once again international attention was focused on it on the 11th and 13th May, 1998, when five more nuclear tests took place underneath its sandy surface, code-named this time as 'The Buddha Laughs'. Among the major tourist attractions, the Pokhran fort is worth mentioning. The Pokhran fort is a yellow sandstone fort which is over 4 centuries old and was constructed by the Marwar Thakur (local chieftain) Rao Maldeo who reigned from 1532-1584. Built with the remains of an earlier fort called Satelmer Fort, the Pokhran fort is well stocked with wells and grain stores and has a wonderful dining hall constructed in the second half of the 19th century. The wooden doors at the gateway were fitted with lethal iron spikes to guard against an elephant charge in case of an enemy onslaught. There is a small temple dedicated to the goddess Durga located in the second biggest courtyard of the fort, with stairs leading up to a zenana (women's quarters). The Pokhran Museum housed inside the fort's premises is smallish and contains an assortment of weapons, paintings, pottery and the costumes which the Maharajas wore. Also displayed are the little games the royal family played during their leisure such as dominoes and dice.

How To Reach Pokhran:

Although an under developed area, Pokhran was once the capital of the Thakur (chief) of Marwar. The Maheshwaris (a trading community) built many beautiful havelis here which, like the Pokhran fort, are built in red and yellow sandstone. The windows and balconies are handsomely embellished with parrots, peacocks and elephants. The chief thoroughfare of Pokhran is the Gandhi chowk where women selling vegetables sit stunning in their colorful Rajasthani dresses. Apart from the fort and the havelis there are a few cenotaphs and temples which are worth visiting. TouristPlacesRajasthan.com provides information on Pokhran Tours Guide and different Tours Guide around Rajasthan.