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Sariska National Park - Rajasthan

Sariska Tour Guide:

Sariska is large home for different kinds of wild species. Forests of Sariska include deciduous trees and wild animals and birds. Sariska also gives shelter for various local and migratory birds. Sariska is situated at the bottom of Aravali hills. Sariska is a National Park and wildlife sanctuary. Bird watchers love this place because of the large variety of birds in the forest. It is another green place in Rajasthan. In Sariska you will find beauties of nature. In ancient time Sariska was under the patronage of Alwar royal family. It was their private place for hunting. In 1958 it became a bird sanctuary and in 1979 it was entered into the Project Tiger of Indian Government. Sariska which is 200 km away from Delhi is now uplifted to the status wildlife sanctuary from a mere bird sanctuary. This is because the forest of Sariska is thronged with number of wild animals. Some of them are spotted deer, tigers, chital, chausingha, jungle cats, hyena, wild boars, and rhesus monkeys. You can see here a range of birds such as partridges, tree pies, woodpeckers, crested serpent eagle, peafowl, Great Indian horned owl, spoonbills, barn owls, babblers, starlings, stints, quails, pelicans, buntings, finches, minivets, plovers, kites, swallows, kingfishers. Other than forests there are various other attractions in Sariska. There is Kankarwari Fort which is isolated and damaged. This fort becomes the shelter for wild animals. Mughal emperor Aurangzeb imprisoned his brother Dara Shikoh in this fort. In Sariska there is a ruin of an old Shiva Temple. There is also a beautiful lake called Siliserh Lake in Sariska.

How to Reach Sariska:

You can easily reach to Sariska from Jaipur by road. It just 2 hours drive from Jaipur. TouristPlacesRajasthan.com provides information about Sariska Tours Guide.