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Shekhawati Palace in Shekhawati

Shekhawati Tour Guide:

Shekhawati is a sort of a small desert in the north of Rajasthan. Shekhawati is the combination of three districts in Rajasthan, namely Churu, Jhunjhunu and Sikar. This place is a cherished destination for the tourists of the world. It bears the color of Rajasthan very well. Shekhawati is a marvelous place. The place was named after the Kachhawaha king Rao Shekha. During 15th century Shekha won the North Eastern part of Rajasthan and it was ruled by the successors of Shekha, the Shekhawats. That is why the place has the name Shekhawati whish means the garden of Shekha. Shekhawati is known as the Open Air Art Gallery. Beauty of Shekhawati is hidden in splendid murals and paintings of the place. This place is packed with artistic vision in the form of paintings. Pictures of Gods, Goddesses, animals, lives of Lord Rama and Krishna are beautifully painted in the walls of Shekhawati Havelis. This place is world's biggest storehouse of mural painting. Sikar which is a part of Shekhawati region has great temples and Biryani Haveli. There are various other attractions in Shekhawati. These are Lachmangarh fort, wooden furniture of Ramgarh and Nawalgarh which attracts tourists to this region. The paintings in Shekhawati are mostly mythological.

How to Reach Shekhawati:

By Airyou have to land at Jaipur airport. From Jaipur Shekhawati is 150 km away.

By Railthe railway lines from Delhi, Jaipur and Bikaner pass through Shekhawati.

By Roadthere are number of buses, cars and taxis in Rajasthan which help to reach Shekhawati by road.