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Tonk Tour Guide:

Tonk is encircled by 5 districts. It is surrounded in north by Jaipur, in South by Bundi and Bhilwara, in East by Ajmer and in West by Sawaimadhopur districts. It is located on National Highway No. 12 at distance of 100 km from Jaipur. In this village sources of sustenance are gained through agriculture and animal husbandry. Although it is a small village but its popularity is not confined within its four boundaries. It is famous all over India for the historical legends associated with it. According to historical records Jaipur's King Man Singh captured Tari and Tokra Janpad during the rule of Akbar. Howevere, it was in 1643 that twelve village of Tokra janpad were given to Bhola Brahmin who later named these twelve villages as 'Tonk '. Nevertheless, moving bit away from its history, it can be said that Tonk is famously known as Rajasthan ka Lucknow and Adab ka Gulshan. And to know more about the beauty of this place lets get on the Tonk Tours Guide.

Places to Visit in Tonk:

Suneri Kothiif you happen to be in Jaipur and heading for this place then do not miss out on checking this exquisite bungalow. It is also famed as the Golden Bungalow. It looks very simple and plain from outside. But once you go inside this bungalow you will realize its true beauty. Its interiors are very rich and ornamental. Library - Tonk is a very good place to check out books for the Nawab of Tonk was an eager reader of books. Hence he built a big library which houses Arabic and Persian manuscripts. Tonk is also dotted with many beautifully painted mosques, mansions and colonial buildings. It is also a good place to go for shopping. So don't forget to check out all of these here.

How to Reach Tonk:

Tonk can easily be reached from Jaipur, Bundi, Bhilwara and Ajmer. TouristPlacesRajasthan.com offers interesting information on Rajasthan Tours Guide. To know every bit about this Rajput state in India and its colorful aspects keep browsing through links and embark on Tonk Tours Guide