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Alwar Hotels

Clarks Inn

Clarks Inn is committed to making a world-class hotel experience accessible to the value-conscious traveler. With a vision ofredefining what inns have come to mean in India, we are single-mindedly focused on one thing – uncompromising care.,

Alwar Bagh

The Alwar Bagh is built in a heritage style amidst the lush green and pollution free atmosphere. Surrounded by the picturesque Aravalli Mountains, the Alwar Bagh is well equipped with all modern amenities and comforts for the guests.

Burja Haveli

A 240 years old haveli, strongly built presents an ethnic look and a traditional Rajasthani architecture. Now the haveli has been renovated and converted to heritage hotel.

Neemrana Fort Palace

The Neemrana 'non-hotel' Hotel brand of hospitality hinges on the real – not necessarily on the ever-escalating standards of more. A very perceptive comment, soon after we opened, made us conscious of our approach. Queen Elizabeth's niece, Princess Sarah Armstrong-Jone