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Top 10 Rajasthan Trip

  • (16 days and 15 nights) The Royal Rajasthan on Wheels is the regal delight where every moment is woven together into an everlasting and immemorial experience to be lived and cherished forever. The makers of the Palace on Wheels have rekindled the charm of luxury with utmost consideration of your comfort and modern amenities at the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels.

  • (16 days and 15 nights)There is a haunting air of romance, about Rajasthan which is palpable in its every nook and corner. The state represents an unusual diversity in all its forms - people, culture, customs, costumes, cuisine, dialects and music. Rajasthan is a destination that defies definition. You begin your journey from the capital city, Jaipur. Known as the Pink City because of color of the stone used exclusively in the walled city, Jaipur`s bazaars are a shopper's delight.

  • (5 Nights / 6 Days)Golden Triangle Rajasthan Tours will turn into extra rousing when you come across Rajasthan along with Delhi and Agra. These are the places where lots of temples and monuments are located. If you are planning to have a Tour, Golden Triangle Rajasthan Tours are the superlative choice. In a 7-8 days trip you can enjoy all popular places.

  • (16 days and 15 nights)Rajasthan temples go without saying that India has rich cultural and historical heritage – and the phrase 'unity in diversity' may be trite but true in the Indian context. Many theories have been propounded to explain the existence of such a large number of temple sites in Rajasthan, giving a concrete place to God in the 'Indian scheme of things', to pave the way for attaining moksha (salvation). Famous Bhrama temple at Pushkar is the only temple in the entire Indian sub-continent visited by devotees all the year round.

  • (16 days and 15 nights)Rajasthan wildlife tour package can play vigorously and can prove a great mean for nature lovers for sure. Getting this package, a tourist would get individualistic tourists’ services from Delhi and these services would go until your journey lasts. This package would offer you 12 joyful days and in these days, you will reach at those places where your nature’s visiting thirst would satisfy at some extent for sure.

  • (18 nights and 19 days)Desert Safari in Rajasthan, with the Grand Tours India provides an exciting and memorable experience that will linger in your mind for a long time. Start your travel through the Thar Desert to visit remote villages and historical remains. Thar Desert of India lies in Rajasthan, one of the most popular states opulent in culture and glory.

  • (9 nights / 10 days)Rajasthan, the land of Rajput bravery, romance and sacrifice, offers a number of exciting honeymoon destinations, steeped in romance and love lore. Famous for its magnificent forts, splendid palaces, charming havelis (mansions) and world-class heritage hotels, Rajasthan offers a perfect honeymoon destination for newly weds. Rajasthan is also regarded as one of the most colorful and culturally rich states of India.

  • (07 Nights / 08 Days)Rajasthan like a true Indian state has enormous diversity in its culture – with various types of religions, music, dance, food, traditions, dialects and costumes. This Indian state has a very rich culture that attracts thousands of tourists towards it. This beautiful land of Maharaja’s still has the essence of history, ethnicity and vibrancy from the medieval times. The culture of Rajasthan is passed on from one generation to another and thus is being carried with same joy and happiness by all.

  • (16 days and 15 nights)The imperial city of Jodhpur echoes with tales of antiquity in the emptiness of the desert. Once the capital of the Marwar state, it was founded in 1459 AD by Rao Jodha-chief of the RATHORE clan of Rajputs who claimed to be descendants of Rama - the epic hero of the RAMAYANA. The massive 15th century AD Mehrangarh Fort looms on the top of a rocky hill, soaring 125 Mts. Above the plains. The city is encompassed by a high wall -10 km long with 8 gates and innumerable bastions. 

  • (5 days and 4 nights)Teej Festival is celebrated to mark the advent of monsoon. Teej Festival is celebrated by women. Fundamentally the festival of women, it is fascinating to watch them enjoying in groups and at various bazaars where they turn up to shop in all their finery.

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